After 3 Years Of Black Lives Matter Domestic Terror, Police RESPECT Level At All-Time High

Public respect for the police has hit a high which has only been topped once since 1965. The Gallup poll of Americans views of police was taken earlier this month and found 76% of Americans have “a great deal” of respect for police in their areas and another 17% have “some” respect. Just 7% of respondents said they had “hardly any” respect for police. Here’s a chart prepared by Gallup showing the trends since 1965. Agallup-police-respects you can see the only time respect for police has been higher was in 1967.

What’s striking about this poll is that it is a completely reversal from last year when Gallup reported the highest figure for “little or no confidence in police” recorded since the poll began in 1993.

Overall, 25% of Americans say they have a great deal of confidence in the police, 27% quite a lot, 30% “some,” 16% “very little” and 2% “none.” The combined 18% who have very little or no confidence in police is the highest Gallup has measured to date.

The latest figures, from Gallup’s Oct. 5-9 annual poll on crime, show Americans’ respect for police increased as the number of on-duty police officers who were shot and killed was on the rise…

Four in five whites (80%) say they have a great deal of respect for police in their area, up 11 points from last year. Meanwhile, two in three nonwhites (67%) report having the same level of respect, an increase of 14 points from last year.