American Muslim Just Convinced 1 Mil Followers To Do SICK Thing After Palm Sunday Massacre- Who’s Going To Stop It?

It’s been a bloody past couple of weeks thanks to the Muslim psychos across the globe who continue to hack and massacre people in the name of their “peaceful” religion. As most are still in shock following what ISIS did to a group of Christians during a Palm Sunday celebration over the weekend when a bomb killed 27 and injured 78 in Egypt, now a disgusting American Muslim is making her sentiments known about the attack, proving once again that there is NO SUCH THING as “moderate” Muslim as the left is desperate for everyone to believe.

New York Muslim Ayat Oraby was absolutely giddy over the news that Christians and toddlers had been ravaged with a bomb over the weekend, and took to social media where she was hardly able to contain her excitement. The hateful terrorist-supporting witch has a massive following of 1 million followers on facebook, and posted several videos of the attack in Egypt where her audience was equally as excited over the deaths of Christians as she was, celebrating in the comments with a plethora of Alahu Akbars! on her posts.

But it gets even more disturbing. The woman then posted the following depraved rant to her followers, where she called the Christian Coptic church a “gang” that needs to be eradicated, saying that these Christians must “be made to understand that the (Islamic) crescent must be on top of the cross.” She went on to praise the tactics of the suicide bombers who killed toddlers during the attack, going on to call on her Muslim army of followers to murder even more Christians, as well as boycott the Copts.

This is the “moderate” Muslims we hear so much about. Yeah they’re not out there pulling the detonation cord to the suicide vests, but they’re just as deadly. It’s people just like Ayat Oraby who are constantly vocalizing their support of ISIS, while stirring up the hate among Muslims and motivating even more of these idiots to go out as “martyrs” for Allah, killing as many “infidels” as possible in the process.

This America, is who liberals want to infiltrate our country with. We are at war. Not only with these barbaric 6th century barbarians who will not stop killing until the world is bathed in the blood of the infidel, but against all the liberal morons out there who will continue to fight for the “rights” of people who will continue to invade our country until something drastic is done.

American Muslim Just Convinced 1 Mil Followers To Do SICK Thing After Palm Sunday Massacre- Who’s Going To Stop It?