Another Clinton Ally Is Headed To Prison!

Former Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA) just received one of the longest prison sentences for any member of Congress in history!

After being found guilty on 22 counts of corruption, Fattah will now be behind bars for a decade:

It may not surprise you to hear there are literally dozens of members of Congress who have been convicted of crimes, either while in office or after.

Some have paid fines, or served probation, or resigned from their jobs. But among those who have gone to prison, most have been sentenced to two or three years. Very few have received a sentence as long as the one former representative Chaka Fattah (D-Pa.) just received: A Pennsylvania judge sentenced him Monday to 10 years in prison after he was convicted in June of a slew of bribery and federal corruption charges related to an illegal $1 million loan he took out for a failed 2007 mayoral run. (Fattah defiantly fought the charges but subsequently became the first 2016 incumbent member of Congress to lose his primary and resigned days after jurors convicted him.)

It’s the second-longest prison sentence for someone who served in Congress, at least that we’re aware of. Here are some other notable lengthy prison sentences for congresspeople — and, bonus!: the longest prison sentences for any U.S. politician.

The judge showed disgust and outrage that Fattah turned his back on the same people who elected him to Congress:

In delivering his sentence, Bartle acknowledged the good Fattah did as a public servant for 37 years, including his time as a state lawmaker. But, he said, that helped make the “depth and duration” of Fattah’s criminal conduct “so astonishing.”

“It is appropriate that that a sentence here be crafted to serve as a warning to others considering taking the path that you did,” the judge told Fattah.

Outside the courthouse after the sentencing, Fattah thanked his family and legal team for their support, but declined to comment on the 10-year term.

Inside the courtroom, Fattah had addressed Bartle after 10 witnesses urged the judge to consider the totality of Fattah’s career in determining a sentence.

It’s clear that we have entered a new era of politics in America. The political elites have suffered a massive defeat, and now the law is catching up with them.

Hillary Clinton sold access to the Secretary of State’s office and put America’s national security at risk. It’s time to prosecute Hillary Clinton, now.


Another Clinton Ally Is Headed To Prison!
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