Ben Carson Just Made One Demand Of Hillary That Will Change The Election, She’s Dead In The Water Now

Former Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is a real American hero. It would be enough that he emerged from poverty to become, through his own hard work, one of the world’s leading brain surgeon. This highly-skilled genius successfully separated Siamese twins who were joined at the head. Think about that.

He could just rest on his stack of laurels, but Carson has diagnosed what’s wrong with America, and decided that it needs treatment. He’s also frankly assessed what’s wrong with Hillary’s head and her health in a literal, clinical way…and he does not like what he sees. If there’s one politician who could fairly determine if Hillary’s health is failing, it’s Ben. And he thinks it may be. He’s demanding that Hillary hand over her medical records so we can see if she’s physically and mentally fit to govern.

Said Carson:

“Certainly as a person gets older, the number of medical conditions that we have to watch for increases, which is one of the reasons that we strongly suggest as you get older that you have at least an annual examination.”

“If you’re going into a very important position like this, it’s critical. And that information should be something that we should have access to, because it’s very important in terms of making that decision.”

 Added the good doctor:

“Also, recognize that the presidency is not a nine-to-five job. It is extraordinarily grueling and you need to have everything going for you.”

“And also the mental capacity. There are standardized mental examinations, many mental exams, about 30 questions. You could get a very quick assessment in terms of what’s going on.”

“These are the kinds of things that should be open to the public in making such a critical decision.”


What do you think? Does the American people have the right to know if Hillary is healthy enough to serve as our President?



Ben Carson Just Made One Demand Of Hillary That Will Change The Election, She’s Dead In The Water Now