Black Lives Matters ‘Occupy’ City Hall in New York City

The new generation activist group congregated outside of City Hall in New York City yesterday demanding Mayor Bill de Blasio fire NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton. Nearly 100 BLM protestors met in front of City Hall before noon and committed to sleeping in the park that sits in front of the government building until their demands are met.

According to the NY Daily News, protestors gathered for workshops, group strategy and speeches and a major rally that began around 6 p.m. last night. In addition to Bill Bratton’s dismissal, Black Lives Matter protestors demanded “an end to Broken Windows policing, a strategy that aggressively enforces petty offenses to maintain law and order, money for victims of police brutality and a defunding of the NYPD.”

Mayor de Blasio, however is standing in support of Commissioner Bratton, saying, he’s done “an extraordinary job.”


Black Lives Matters ‘Occupy’ City Hall in New York City
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