Black Lives Matter CHEERS After St. Louis Cop Is Murdered By Teen THUG

Black Lives Matter rallies feature some horrendous signs that are virulently anti-police, which contribute to the anti-cop sentiment that breeds cop killers like Gavin Long and Micah X. Johnson. Those two were the the men responsible for the murder of officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge only a few months ago.

You don’t have to Google much to find anti-police chants at their rallies, like “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon!” or “what do we want? dead cops!”

While the BLM movement claims to not be anti-police, just anti-police brutality, their actions betray them. After any shooting of police, browse Twitter and you’ll find countless BLM thugs praising it.

Where are the liberals covering this? If police are killed, the media doesn’t cover it, and if a white man is killed by police, the media doesn’t cover it.

It’s no wonder we have to reply to the declaration “Black Lives Matter” that no, “All Lives Matter.” Those in the media – and BLM, seem to be unaware.