‘Black Lives Matter’ Leader Arrested On SHOCKING Charges, National Media Hides It

There are people who truly sacrifice and dedicate their lives to the betterment of society. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was one such man. With nothing to hide, he marched through the Democrat South seeking to be “free at last,” so that all people – not just black people – could be free.

However, there are those who only claim to be advocates or social crusaders, who do so just to bolster their low self-esteem or to fraudulently elevate their “fame quotient.” One such miscreant is a former Black Lives Matter leader from Atlanta, Tyree “Sir Maejor” Page. It appears this “black social justice” leader has been arrested multiple times for…wait for it…impersonating a police officer.

It is ironic – and at the very least pathetic – that someone who sought the spotlight to castigate law enforcement wanted so badly to be a law enforcement officer. It proves Page was nothing more than a two-bit fame seeker.

Page became one of the faces of leadership for the Black Lives Matter movement in the days following the chaotic and raucous marches through Atlanta’s streets protesting fatal police shootings. Page was even a member of a group that met with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed to demand changes in police training and tactics. He was even a featured speaker at the ensuing joint news conference.

In the joint news conference with Mayor Reed and Atlanta Police Chief George Turner, Page said, “We stand on the shoulders of those that have paved the way for us to be able to protest in the streets and to be able to have our voices heard.”

However, when politicians and law enforcement leadership don’t do their due diligence on understanding who they are commiserating with, embarrassing situations can develop. They certainly did in this case.

Page had already been arrested – multiple times – for impersonating a police officer. In fact, his social media pages are loaded with pictures of him decked out with weapons and tactical gear.

However, our plea bargain legal system being what it is, Page was allowed to evade the three felony counts of impersonating a law enforcement officer by pleading guilty to lesser charges of obstruction and carrying a weapon in an unauthorized location.

Page is currently on two years of probation.

Page and the Black Lives Matter Atlanta faction of the movement parted ways a few months back—but being the opportunist he is, Page started his own group: Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta.

This is the opportunistic face of Black Lives Matter. It is a gaggle of disingenuous, victimhood class, special interest narcissists who ignore the statistics refuting their ridiculous claims even as they set their own neighborhoods on fire in protest.

Of course, the judge in the plea bargain should have sentenced Page to being on the front lines of the BLM riots. That would have been a proper punishment for this so-called “activist.”

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‘Black Lives Matter’ Leader Arrested On SHOCKING Charges, National Media Hides It
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