Black Lives Matter Says Questioning Black Lives Matter is NOT Acceptable!

Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists at the University of Michigan (UM) crashed a political debate at the school Tuesday night, saying it was unacceptable to hold a debate on the merits of Black Lives Matter because dissenting against the movement’s goals is entirely unacceptable.

The Michigan Political Union (MPU), a non-partisan debating society at UM, planned to hold a debate Tuesday evening on the resolution “Black Lives Matter is harmful to racial relations in the United States.” Three (white) debaters were slated to respond to the resolution from a liberal, conservative, and libertarian point of view.

The planned debate didn’t go according to plan. Just a few minutes into the debate, dozens of BLM activists filled the room and shouted that the resolution itself was too offensive to be considered.

Numerous protesters carried signs with slogans such as “White silence is white oppression” and “You are so privileged.” After cycling through their prepared chant at least twice, demonstrators staged a “die-in” in which they lay on the ground as a form of protest.

Despite the influx of protesters, the debate’s organizers initially attempted to continue with the scheduled debate. But they had little success, as they were repeatedly interrupted by protesters who said that, as white people, they had no right to debate the Black Lives Matter movement. At one point an attendee approached the podium and argued that the regular debate should be suspended so the floor could be opened up exclusively to black people.

The heated debate environment was influenced by the distribution on Monday of numerous alt-right fliers on campus that promoted white nationalism and argued that blacks are inherently more violent and less intelligent.

At the meeting’s conclusion, protesters departed while shouting in unison “We have nothing to lose but our chains!”


Black Lives Matter Says Questioning Black Lives Matter is NOT Acceptable!
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