BLM Blames Police For Brutalising A 15-Year-Old Black Girl, Police Releases Body Cam Video That Proves Them Wrong

Police in Hagerstown, Maryland have released body camera footage that shows a violent confrontation between officers and a juvenile that resulted in the the young offender being pepper sprayed.

The authorities released the footage after an attorney for the belligerent 15-year-old’s family posted a bystander’s video to Facebook and accused the police of aggression.

The 14 minute, 32 second video (seen below) shows the incident, that occurred on Sunday, from the beginning after the girl allegedly drove her bike into a passing car and tried to get away.

Police arrived and, after they obtained the driver’s information, approached the teen who, again, tried to get on her bike and escape.

To make it worse, she apparently comes from a family that agrees, and decided to hire an attorney for a likely lawsuit rather than teach their child about obeying authorities.

It’s no wonder some juveniles behave as if they are in charge.

Watch the entire video below.