BLM Thug Tries To Remove Veteran’s Flag From His Truck, Instantly Regrets It

It’s all fun and games until a thug tries to steal your things. That’s what happened to this Army Veteran when he came outside and saw a thug trying to remove a flag from his truck.


The thug who was trying to steal the flag instantly regret his stupid decision. The Army Veteran walked right towards him with his pistol in hand. He pointed the gun right at the thug, ready to pull the trigger and make the thugs head pop like a sandy insurgent who couldn’t point out a sniper if they were wearing highlighter colored clothes on a dark night.

The thug backed up, mouthed off, and saved his own life. If he moved any closer to the Veteran’s flag, then he would’ve gotten his face exploded. This is what stupid people do. They walk around in the middle of the day and steal people’s things because they don’t like them.

That Army Veteran sure had a lot of patience. I’d be doing paperwork down at the police station right now while they watched the video of the guys head popping like a melon.

This is the typical behavior from a Black Lives Matter THUG. You don’t even have to be black to act like this. Anyone who does this stupid thievery nonsense is a thug.

Watch the video and tell us in the comments what you think.