BOOM! Denzel Washington HUMILIATES Media, Says What We Were ALL Thinking

Not every actor or actress in Hollywood is a liberal loon. When a celebrity displays common sense and patriotism, we like to acknowledge and encourage their against-the-grain actions. Kudos to Denzel Washington — we wish there were a lot more like you in Tinsel Town!

Denzel Washington called out the mainstream media for their lack of journalistic ethics and for allowing their desire to publish a story quickly override concerns for accuracy. While standing in front of a group of reporters on Tuesday, the award-winning actor said the media was pushing “BS” on the nation, according to a report by the Hill.

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed; if you do read it, you’re misinformed,” Denzel Washington said at the premiere of his new movie Fences. “So, what a responsibility you all have — to tell the truth.”

Earlier this year, Denzel Washington was at the center of some careless reporting. He supported Hillary Clinton in the presidential race.

However, the media published a story stating Washington was actually a Donald Trump supporter. The report, of course, quickly went viral.

While I loathe his choice of candidate, this is still a valid example of erroneous reporting. The lack of integrity in our free press has reached an all-time low.

“In our society, now it’s just first — who cares, get it out there. We don’t care who it hurts,” Washington also chastised.

“We don’t care who we destroy. We don’t care if it’s true. Just say it, sell it,” the actor/director continued. “Anything you practice you’ll get good at — including BS.”

The hypocrisy of the mainstream media in the new “fake news” witch hunt is laughable. Their faux angst is merely a thinly veiled attempt to put conservative news outlets out of business.

Why do the big cable and network news agencies care about small or alternative websites like ours? Because we threaten their existence. Citizen journalists, bloggers, internet radio show hosts, and perhaps especially, Donald Trump’s Twitter, challenge their need to exist like no other form of competing media ever has. The mainstream media have become irrelevant, so they’ve let out their claws.

The truth should not be forsaken by the mainstream during their fight for survival. Their obvious bias and high level of dishonesty is what caused the public to abandon them in the first place. The only way they can fix their predicament is to try being honest and accurate.


BOOM! Denzel Washington HUMILIATES Media, Says What We Were ALL Thinking