BOOM! Russia Is Tired of Obama’s WEAK Response, Unleashes INFERNO Against…

The inept leadership of President Obama continues to come to a head. Things are starting to get painfully obvious, especially when Russia (of all countries) starts to flex its muscle…

Russia unleashed an inferno against Syria, and sent out cruise missiles from warships in the Mediterranean Sea, per

This latest show of Russian force comes just days after bombing runs in Iran where they took out some key strategic points.

The move is definitely a demonstration that Russia is to be respected, because it shows it has the ability to attack a country from a number of different points throughout the region. This should be an embarrassment to the United States in that it is the Russians who are exhibiting massive power instead of the United States.

Russia’s Defense Ministry indicated it was extremely happy with the recent show of force.

The Ministry said the strikes targeted the Islamist militant group Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, which is known as the Nusra Front.

Last month, this Islamic group made headlines when it elected to break formal ties with al-Qaeda and played a big role in the rebel uprisings in the region and especially in Aleppo.

Civilians in the area have been constantly harassed in the war-torn region, and Aleppo has bore the brunt of the problems. Dire shortages of basic goods have led the World Food Programme to identify the area as “nightmarish.”

Rebels even bombed the hospital in Daraya, and now there is no center for medical care in that area.

In a nutshell, Russia is stepping up to the plate, and the United States has taken a back seat. You can expect much more of these dystopian situations to arise throughout the world if the policies of Barack Obama are allowed to continue under a Hillary Clinton presidency.



BOOM! Russia Is Tired of Obama’s WEAK Response, Unleashes INFERNO Against…