BREAKING: FBI Discovered Bombshell In New Abedin/Clinton Emails, Hillary Being Charged With Treason

It was reported on Friday that the FBI has reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private unsecured email server while she was Secretary of State.

The investigation spawned when Anthony Wiener, the husband of top Hillary Clinton ally Huma Abedin, turned over his home server as part of an investigation. The server shared storage from Huma and Hillary, and gave the FBI access to thousands of emails they did not have prior access to.

While we wait for the FBI to release the actual contents of the emails, one thing remains absolutely certain: the FBI would notopen an investigation for a second time unless it was very serious.

Amid that, another FBI official indicated that the bureau has an intensive investigation ongoing into the Clinton Foundation.

He added, “The FBI made the determination that the investigation would go forward as a comprehensive unified case and be coordinated, so that investigation is ongoing and Huma Abedin and her role and activities concerning secretary of state in the nature of the foundation and possible pay to play, that’s still being looked at and now.”

Many have indicated that Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have not lived up to their hype with what they have released thus far, but they have slowly released thousands of emails that have forced the FBI to open several investigations into Hillary Clinton.

WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have released the missing link between the Clintons and what the FBI needed in order to formally charge her for the hundreds of crimes she has committed.

Our Founding Fathers knew We The People would face governmental tyranny and would need protection from self serving politicians like Hillary Clinton.

The election is eight days away and the FBI has opened their second investigation into Hillary Clinton. While that story is unprecedented, we all cannot become complacent.


BREAKING: FBI Discovered Bombshell In New Abedin/Clinton Emails, Hillary Being Charged With Treason
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