BREAKING: Military Coup In Turkey (WATCH)

A military coup is underway in Turkey, where two main bridges in Istanbul are closed and video shows fighter jets conducting low fly-bys over Ankara.

The Turkish military reportedly released an official statement saying that it “fully seized control” of the country on Friday night local time. Local news stations were also reporting that the section of the military that initiated the coup attempt had gained control of the country.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim confirmed that a military group launched an attempted coup, but didn’t say it succeeded, according to an Associated Press tweet on Friday. The AP said Yildirim said, “It is correct that there was an attempt.”

Early Friday morning, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on citizens to demonstrate in the streets to show support for the government. His office would not say where he is, only that he is in a secure location.

Yildirim said the military uprising outside the chain of command “won’t be tolerated,” and promised harsh consequences for service members who participated, Business Insider reported. Other security forces in the country had been called in to try to stop the unrest.

The State Department confirmed a “possible attempted uprising” in Turkey, and told people to “remain vigilant.” It also said people should use email or phone to reach family members.

National Security Council spokesman Ned Price issued a statement Friday evening confirming that President Obama has been updated on the situation and will receive regular updates on the matter.

Other sources are reporting that social media in Turkey has been blocked.

Turkey is a NATO ally and a part of the coalition to fight the Islamic State. Thousands of U.S. troops are stationed at Incirlik Air Base, but all dependents were ordered to evacuate from Incirlik in March.


BREAKING: Military Coup In Turkey (WATCH)
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