BREAKING – ‘Smoking Gun’ Email Shows Clinton MOLE In FBI, Media HIDING It!

There’s a reason that Hillary Clinton has managed to stay ahead of the law all this time.

Long-time friend of Clinton’s campaign chair Podesta, Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik has been spying on the FBI for Hillary Clinton, emailing information to Podesta,via

For example, Kadzik sent an email called “Heads Up” to Podesta.

It included the information: “There is a HJC oversight hearing today where the head of our Civil Division will testify. Likely to get questions on State Department emails.”

That email was sent on May 19th, 2015, proving that the long rumored unethical connection between Podesta and Kadzik has been reaping rewards for Clinton even while she was under investigation in her original email probe.

He’s also tipped off the Clinton campaign about when the State Department would release Clinton’s emails.

He gained this information through his second-ranking position in the Department of Justice.

This same man was recently put in charge of the Department of Justice’s portion of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

While this news is shocking, we’re pleased that Wikileaks held this particular email release back until today. It demonstrates the huge level of corruption in the Department of Justice. If Kadzik had been exposed as a spy prior to his appointment, Loretta Lynch likely would have appointed someone else in order to try to spare the Department’s reputation.

Now we know that every high-ranking person in the Department of Justice is likely under Clinton’s thumb, through the mere fact that they were promoted by the corrupt Lynch and Kadzik. It’s appalling, yes, but now that we know, we can fix it!

We think it’s time that the Department of Justice be drained too, not just the swamp of Congress! Vote Donald Trump, for only he can put a stop to this madness. In the meantime, Kadzik and Loretta Lynch should both resign! Immediately!


BREAKING – ‘Smoking Gun’ Email Shows Clinton MOLE In FBI, Media HIDING It!
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