BREAKING: Trump Rips Obama Over Terror Attack… “Cannot Be The New Normal”

Another terrorist attack has shaken Israel and the rest of the free world today as a rabbi was killed and his wife and children injured in a drive-by shooting south of the West Bank city of Hebron, according to The Times of Israel.

While President Barack Obama has been weak on terrorism — particularly when it has involved Israel — another voice has emerged condemning the Palestinians and other terrorists who attack the Israeli people on a daily basis.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump issued a strong statement in support of Israel after the attack, and he rebuked Obama for his failure to do the same.

“Yet another terrorist attack today in Israel — a father, shot at by a Palestinian terrorist, was killed while driving his car, and three of his children who were passengers were severely injured,” Trump wrote in a Facebook post.

The GOP presidential candidate went on the “condemn” the attack, and he called upon the “Palestinian leadership” to stop supporting this “barbaric behavior.”

Trump also issued a statement to the president about his role in these attacks.

“I also call upon President Obama to recognize and condemn each and every terrorist attack against our allies in Israel,” he wrote. “This cannot become the ‘new normal.’ It has to stop!”

The victim was identified as Miki Mark, the head of a West Bank yeshiva, or religious school. The 48-year-old left behind 10 children, two of whom were hurt in the attack.

A 14-year-old girl was listed as in moderate-to-serious condition while recovering at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem in Jerusalem, while a 15-year-old boy was reportedly “lightly injured,” according to The Times of Israel.

Trump’s statement referred to “three children” because initial reports from the scene included an infant in the vehicle as well, but that was later learned to be an error.

Mark’s wife sustained serious head injuries from the gunfire, and the latest reports had her listed as unconscious.

Officials found more than 20 bullet holes in the victims’ car, and the investigation indicated that the terrorists passed the family’s car with their own vehicle when they opened fire.

Although Hamas praised the attack, saying it was a response to “crimes against the Palestinian people” according to Army Radio, the group has not claimed responsibility for the shooting.

Thankfully we have leaders like Trump who are willing to condemn these vicious acts of violence against our allies. It’s sickening that our current commander in chief has been dead silent.

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BREAKING: Trump Rips Obama Over Terror Attack… “Cannot Be The New Normal”