BUSTED: Julian Assange Just Proved Hillary KNEW “C” Stood For “Classified”

If there’s one thing Hillary Clinton is good at, it’s telling whoppers. Time and time again this woman keeps being caught in massive lies, and true to form, her lapdog media is there constantly spinning the story to cover the ass of their crooked queen.

Several days ago Hillary tried to convince everyone she didn’t know that the letter “C” stood for classified, despite holding one of the highest national security offices in the world as Secretary of State. Of course the liberal media went along with her ludicrous narrative, continuing to excusing her negligent handling of classified information.

Well, Julian Assange just came forward proving that her entire allegation was completely BS and he has the hard evidence to prove it. Appearing on FOX News, he dropped a massive bomb on the presidential nominee, showing that she had actually injected “C” into brackets in the signature block of her email hundreds of thousands of times.

Source: fury.news