After Calling For Recount, Jill Stein Drops BOMB On HILLARY…

Last week, Green Party candidate Stein surprised everyone when she demanded a recount in states where the margin of victory was, well, marginal. That move prompted the Hillary Clinton camp to rise from the dead and do the same.

Apparently, Stein isn’t a big fan of that move and took to Twitter, saying, “Why would Hillary Clinton—who conceded the election to Donald Trump—want #recount2016? You cannot be on-again, off-again about democracy,” as per Allen B. West


Right, because that wouldn’t make any sense, would it? Why would Clinton, who lost by a slight fraction of the votes, want a recount? Uh, maybe because she could end up winning? Stein is implying that Clinton is a self-serving hypocrite, which we can certainly all agree on.

However, what people are really wondering is why Stein is calling for the recount. The Green Party candidate, after all, only won one percent of the votes in Wisconsin, where the first request for a recount will be filed and likely granted.

“Why would Hillary Clinton, who holds both ‘public’ and ‘private’ positions, want to engage in something as transparent as @recount2016?” Stein added on Twitter.

Even though she is by no means in striking distance of pulling off a victory in Wisconsin, where she actually finished in fourth place (also losing to Libertarian Gary Johnson), Stein is calling for a recount. Now, why would she do that?

It’s simple. With the country divided and many liberals still wiping their tears after Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump, Stein sees an opportunity. You see, when people get emotional, they start throwing money at you. Ca-ching!

So, she is holding a recount to rake in the funds. She is, after all, a politician, making money merely by entering the election process and getting people fired up about her causes. She’s not the first to be accused of it. Many others have done it for years like Huckabee, Gingrich, Kucinich, and the Pauls. You can make millions in this business.

The tweets from Stein make one thing clear—she is not calling for this recount to assist Clinton in any way. The only person she is helping here is herself. Her efforts actually are harming her own supporter base as they throw good money after bad.

However, Clinton now sees an opportunity in Stein. Just when you thought you had seen the last of Hillary, her camp raises her from the dead and plugs her back into the life-support machines. Here we go again.

Can we please let this election season end? We the People have had our fill of dirty politics.


After Calling For Recount, Jill Stein Drops BOMB On HILLARY…