WATCH…Clinton: ‘Citizenship’ For Illegal Immigrants Is ‘Good For Our Economy’

In an interview for Fox News Sunday, Hillary Clinton told Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace that extending citizenship to foreigners illegally in the country would be “good for [America’s] economy.”

Clinton used the nebulous catch-all left-wing term “comprehensive immigration reform” while making her pitch.

“When it comes to immigration, I believe strongly that comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship is not only good for people who are living under the shadow of deportation, it’s good for our economy,” said Clinton. “So I think this is on the must-do list.”

If illegal immigrants are, on balance, a boon for the American economy, why secure the nation’s borders?

Clinton then alluded to earlier and repeated calls she has made across her campaign to expand President Barack Obama’s de facto affording of amnesty sans-citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants. She said Obama’s executive orders to immunize “categories of people” from deportation were lawful. No limiting principle was articulated for such categorizations.

Clinton’s open-ended position could allow for executive orders to shield all persons from Mexico who do not commit violent crimes from deportation. In other words, all Mexican nationals who are not violent criminals could be afforded de facto amnesty via Clinton’s prescription for executive orders pertaining to deportations of foreigners.

Illegal immigrants are a net drain on the American taxpayers. On average, they consume far more in redistributive benefits than they contribute via taxes at all levels of government. This does not take into consideration billions of dollars spent annually on ineffective efforts to secure the border. Billions of additional dollars are spent annually on arresting, charging, convicting, and jailing criminal aliens.

Highly-skilled persons such as brain surgeons and aerospace engineers are not the types of people illegally entering the country via the southern border.

Clinton’s campaign website calls for extending health insurance options via the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare) to illegal immigrants.

Watch the full interview below. Wallace’s questions about illegal immigration and illegal immigrants begin at 6:04.



WATCH…Clinton: ‘Citizenship’ For Illegal Immigrants Is ‘Good For Our Economy’