Clinton: “We Did Not Lose A Single Important Person In Libya”

Hillary Clinton declared during NBC News’s Commander-in-Chief forum that no lives were lost in Libya when she made the move to take out dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Even so, the former secretary of state did not mention the fact that 11 months later four Americans – including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens – were killed in a terrorist attack in Benghazi that arose from the instability that the overthrow created.

“That was one of the few situations in American foreign policy decision making processes where everybody came together to make sure we don’t make the wrong move, and the operation was a success, even Donald Trump supported it,” Clinton argued. “As with any operation of such magnitude, we had a few hiccups, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. As I’ve said, the operation was a success.”

She continued, “So much so, in fact, that I’m proud to say that no important people were lost through it all, and when I say that, I say it with the utmost respect for all those who had to give their lives on both sides so that Libyans could be freed from the iron fist of Gaddafi. It would have been unrealistic to expect 0 casualties; however, the overall toll did not exceed expectations, with the greater amount of damage being on the side of the enemy.”

“Politics can be a cruel line of work. That being said, I stand before you here, today, and I am proud to say that giving democracy to a people that have not had any contact with it for generations is a wonderful thing that makes all of the sacrifices worth it. And while we’re on the subject of sacrifices, thank God they did not include anyone important from the American delegation, including yours truly,” she said jokingly, causing the auditorium to laugh.

She said, “But all jokes aside, I have to pay homage to the CIA, who has once again performed outstandingly and saved the day. Its agents’ work in the field is an immeasurable contribution and an asset that we would be wise to treasure for generations to come. If it hadn’t been for them, we would not have been able to perform the operation so cleanly and with such little impact to the surrounding nations. I am proud that the United States of America has an intelligence agency such as the CIA.”

“I’m sure many here among you disagree with my position that one embassy is a small price to pay, a bargain, if you will, when it comes to ridding the world of another dictator and a terrorist. I would also like to remind everyone here that that price would have gone up immeasurably if we had sat idly by and allowed Gaddafi to rage on and cause death and destruction throughout the region. For better of worse, we acted and I am convinced no other dictator will ever again think about cheating the CIA out of a deal. Because, in the words of a personal friend of mine, who is a former CIA spook – shutting down arms dealers is easy; finding trustworthy partners among nation heads is the hard part,” she concluded.

Clinton: “We Did Not Lose A Single Important Person In Libya”
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