COLD-HEARTED: Hillary raises money off Louisiana flood crisis

Hillary Clinton is attempting to cash in on the plight of Louisiana flood victims.

The Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook penned a fundraising email to supporters on Friday, invoking the crisis and seeking donations — but not for the victims.

Instead, for Hillary’s campaign.

On first glance it appears as though its compassionate outreach to help the residents of Louisiana. Until you notice the little “donate now” box that goes straight to Hillary’s campaign.

That’s right folks, HILLARY needs you now more than ever!! I call BS. Hillary is nothing more than an epic scam artist. She is clearly desperate due to her failing health, failing campaign.

Hillary Clinton has still NOT shown up in Louisiana. Trump has. He met with people and handed out supplies and toys. Donald Trump went to a few of the damaged homes and toured the chaos in his cowboy boots. Did he bring the press? No, he did not. The videos of him are from personal cell phones. Did he come as a way to further his campaign? No, he did not! We, the people of Louisiana asked and invited him, and he responded.

So, while the mainstream media tries to down play the flooding and Trumps visit, remember to ask yourselves….where was Hillary?


COLD-HEARTED: Hillary raises money off Louisiana flood crisis
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