Conway Destroys Cooper As He Attempts To Discredit Donald Trump

Attack puppy of the establishment oligarchs Anderson Cooper is still doing what he did during the campaign, attempting to portray Donald Trump as a reactionary buffoon. Cooper tries to manipulate Kellyanne Conway into a situation in which he can twist her words and use them against Mr. Trump. He surely knows his chances of success are slim, but he’s got his orders and he’s a good puppy.

In framing the question he first tries to establish his assertions as being broadly accepted  and factual, saying, “There is a widespread belief,” a method not unlike pronouncing, “I know a guy whose mother used to live next door to a girl who babysat for this guy who” and then inserting his clumsy anti-Trump message. CNN and the rest of the establishment may think that it is an American president’s job to please every nation around the globe, based upon what’s been oozing out of the White House for the past 8 years and in other ways previous to that, but it isn’t. Cooper’s about to be reminded on national television.

The American president is not the president of the world. Since 2009 Americans haven’t even had a legitimate president, made worse by the fact that the shyster occupying the White House behaved as if he was the world president and America was just one of his global nations he was responsible for. Now that we have a real American president coming in to clean up the huge mess, media types like Cooper are out of their element, struggling to maintain the establishment agenda while also working to steer Mr. Trump towards compliance.

He says, “This is something that China takes very seriously and, you know, this has been longstanding US policy toward China not to recognize Taiwan.” Conway looks at him as if she’s asking, “do you have a point to make?” and says, “Right,” pausing to emphasize his absurdity. She says, “But again, I can’t discuss anything beyond what’s been publicly said and I won’t do that. And this is a president-elect, this will be his administration and he’ll be commander-in-chief and he’ll be president of the United States, imminently now, and he will either disclose or not disclose the contents of that conversation.”

She responds to his inference that Mr. Trump didn’t know what he was doing, saying, “But he’s well aware of what US policy has been.” Cooper doesn’t give up so easily, asking, “Is there a policy before talking to a world leader or the President of Taiwan that he would be briefed by the State Department or that he would be sure to, you know, be fully up on US Taiwan, Taiwan’s unofficial relations?”

You mean Mr. Trump should have asked the great and all-knowing John Kerry for permission to speak or a script, Cooper? The same agency that is still obstructing the investigation into their corruption under Clinton and is responsible for the “worst deal in history” with Iran is somehow better qualified to craft a response? Or maybe you think we should have gotten China’s permission or a rough draft from them of what was acceptable behavior for an American president instead.

Conway nails Cooper on his perspective and his motivations, replying, “Well, you’re presuming that he’s not and I don’t remember any of these questions ever being asked about ‘president’ Obama or ‘president’-elect Obama eight years ago at this time.” Cooper claims questioning the appropriateness of the conversation is okay and different this time because “Obama never spoke to the President of Taiwan.” Maybe he should have or even would have, if he had been legit.

Conway says, “Sure, sure, but as ‘president’-elect I’m pretty sure that ‘president’-elect Obama spoke to world leaders in preparation for taking over as president of the United States and commander-in-chief and I can’t imagine that he was asked, here or elsewhere, if he had been properly and fully briefed, considering that he had very, very little experience himself.”

Cooper tries one last time, saying, “But this is a break with US policy, I mean this is uncharted waters, not since, you know, for decades.” She puts him back into the safe-zone he should never have attempted to venture out of on his own, saying, “Anderson, President-elect Trump is fully briefed and fully knowledgeable about these issues on an ongoing basis, regardless of who’s on the other end of the phone.”


Conway Destroys Cooper As He Attempts To Discredit Donald Trump
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