Crooked Hillary Clinton’s 15 Biggest Whoppers

We Bring you 15 False Claims & Exaggerated Stories by Hillary Clinton. Spread this list because we can’t let a LIAR of this proportions be on the most responsible function in the world for the next 4 years!

🔴 Clinton claimed all her grandparents were illegal. In fact, three of four were all from the United States.

🔴 Clinton claimed she was named after Everest conqueror Sir Edmund Hillarybut he didn’t make his famed climb until she was 6.

🔴 Clinton claimed she tried to enlist in the Marines. Records prove it never happened.

🔴 Clinton’s campaign bio claims: “She has been fighting for women and  girls her entire career.” In fact, she successfully defended an accused rapist and later admitted she knew he was guilty.

🔴 Clinton claimed she “chose” to not work in a large law firm. She actually flunked the D.C. bar and no such jobs were available to her.


🔴 Clinton said she “opposes” free trade agreements. But she supported NAFTA (which created a $60 billion trade deficit) and allowing China into the World Trade Organization, which led to a $400 billion deficit.

🔴 “We came out of the White House not only dead broke — but in debt,” claimed Clinton. However, she had actually just signed a $14 million book deal!

🔴 Clinton said she “came under sniper fire” in Bosnia in 1996. She said she ran from the plane, “dodging bullets.” In fact, a little girl met her with flowers on the tarmac.

🔴 Clinton claimed the Benghazi Diplomatic Mission attacks, which killed four Americans, were prompted by an anti-Muslim video. But an email to daughter Chelsea that night and a phone call with the Egyptian prime minister proved she knew it was a planned terrorist attack.

🔴 Clinton said she turned over all work-related emails to the FBI. The investigation proved this was not true.


🔴 Clinton said Bernie Sanders would delay implementing “The Clean Power Plan.” He actually supports it and wants to expand on it.

🔴 Clinton claimed, “We now have driven [health care] costs down to the lowest they’ve been.” Nice … but not true.

🔴 Clinton claimed, “Not one of 17 GOP candidates has discussed how they’d address the rising cost of college.” In fact, they have.


🔴 Clinton said the number of jobs created and people lifted out of poverty during Bill Clinton‘s presidency was “a hundred times” what it was under Ronald Reagan. Not even close to accurate.


🔴 Clinton boasted, “I am the only candidate on either side who laid out a specific plan on what I would do to defeat ISIS.” WOW, just wow, and god help us with YOUR PLAN



Crooked Hillary Clinton’s 15 Biggest Whoppers
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