Democrats Spotted Wearing White During Trump’s Speech – Here’s What It Means!

President Donald Trump’s speech tonight is hitting his key points of smaller government, a strong defense, and border security.

But before it even started, Democrats on the far-left had plans to protest it… by wearing white.

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell asked Pelosi, who was wearing white and purple, about how Democrats would behave during Trump’s speech and if her wearing white was a form of silent protest.

Pelosi however, used a different term to refer to her decision to wear white and purple.

“It’s not even a protest. It’s a statement of values,” Pelosi said. “It associates ourselves with our suffragette mothers, the color of white, the color purple.”

“So the women Democrats are likely to all be wearing white tonight?” Mitchell asked.

“Many will be wearing white, but the fact is our House Democratic caucus will be very dignified tonight,” Pelosi said.


Pelosi and House Dems Wear White in Protest of Trump

While Democrats are busy trying to label Trump as anti-woman… back on Planet Earth Trump has been busy signing pro-women legislation:

President Trump is so anti-women that he just signed two bills focused on helping women pursue professions in the STEM fields and business: The Inspiring the Next Space Pioneers and Innovators and Explorers Act (INSPIRE) and Promoting Women in Entrepreneurship Act.

The INSPIRE act “authorizes NASA to encourage women to pursue careers in engineering, science, and mathematics,” while the Promoting Women in Entrepreneurship Act “authorizes the National Science Foundation to provide support for women’s entrepreneurial programs.”
Women’s voting rights isn’t an an issue today, is it? Democrats just want to stir up fear and hatred on an irrationally shameful level.

They should be ashamed.

Democrats Spotted Wearing White During Trump’s Speech – Here’s What It Means!
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