DHS Just Took Orders From Trump While Ignoring Obama

A Mexican newspaper by reported that “More than 15,000 Haitian and Africans, especially from Congo, have crossed into Mexican territory in the last six months on their way to the United States, but more than 4,300 have been stranded on the border with California.”

Significantly, a DHS supervisor in the region told Judicial Watch that the agency has issued an order from Washington D.C. to all agents: “No one is allowed to speak to the media.”

The influx of Haitians and Africans, the ranter also explains, has been making headlines in Mexico for weeks because droves of immigrants are being housed in shelters in Mexican border towns while they await entry into the United States under a secret accord with the Obama administration. Unfortunately, though unsurprisingly, U.S. border agents can’t keep up and are working 16-hour shifts to accommodate the order, according to various officials on the front line.

Many of the “refugees” look in great physical shape, border agents report, and a lot of them have large amounts of cash and personal technology devices. Many of the Haitians and Africans “know the administration is going to let them in and they come with an attitude of entitlement.”

“…unless something changes…”

Keep holding that thought!

Lastly, we come to the news story that set me on this path in the first place, a Washington Times article Stephen Dinan wrote on November 23, exactly two months after Hohmann’s article:

Homeland Security is holding some 41,000 illegal immigrants in detention right now, the department said Wednesday, as agents struggle to get control of a new surge across the border….

Secretary Jeh Johnson said he’s asked for even more bed space, saying that holding onto illegal immigrants, rather than catching and releasing them, makes it more likely they can quickly be deported. “We must enforce the immigration laws consistent with our priorities,” he said. “Those who attempt to enter our country illegally must know that, consistent with our laws and our values, we must and we will send you back.”

They’re arriving at a rate of about 3,000 a month, according to an internal Homeland Security intelligence bulletin that said lax U.S. enforcement is encouraging them to make the trip. Intelligence analysis said a stronger show of force by U.S. officials vowing to deport Haitians could discourage new migrants from attempting the journey. Mr. Johnson appears to have taken that advicein ordering Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to kick-start deportations.

“…unless something changes…”

“Removal flights from the United States to Haiti have now resumed,” Johnson said in his statement. “In the last several weeks ICE has removed over 200 Haitian nationals and plans to significantly expand removal operations in the coming weeks.”

“…unless something changes…”

Do you see the pattern?

Just over two months ago, Border Patrol was being told to stand down. Just over a month ago, the border was bursting at the seams with a fresh surge of “physically fit” and “entitled” immigrants. But then, about three weeks ago, “something changed”–Donald Trump won the presidential election!

As Jeh Johnson new hardline approach indicates, he knows which side his bread gets buttered on, because he is strengthening border security as a result of “The Trump Effect.” Expect to see more patterns like this emerge over the next few months and years.

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DHS Just Took Orders From Trump While Ignoring Obama
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