DNC banned flags, then caught covering it up! SHAMEFUL!

If there was any doubt that the democrats dislike America, their disdain for America is now on center stage.  Literally.

Check out the picture above.  All the greys and blues, it looks like something out of The Hunger Games.  A dystopian future American, if the democrats get their way.

Lots of grey, just no red, white and blue.

I suppose the democrats now think the American flag is “offensive” for some reason.

But they seem to be just fine with the Palestinian flag flying in the middle of the crowd:


But the story doesn’t end there.

Snopes.com, the website known for confirming or debunking rumors, rushed to the DNC’s aid.  Who wants to bet they are funded by Soros?

Snopes published this photo to show there actually were American flags at the DNC.  No really, they’re in there.  We promise.  You just have to squint.  Still having trouble finding them?  Snopes circled them in red so you could find them.  Kind of feels like Where’s Waldo doesn’t it?

Then came this report that those flags you see circled by Snopes….were added in RESPONSE to the criticism of missing flags.

Good job democrats!  Way to do the bare minimum.  So why are you embarrassed by the American flag again?  Totally shameful.

Don’t worry friends.  That’s why we have our man, Donald Trump.  Here’s how a real President handles an American political convention:


Now that’s what a President is supposed to look like!

Source: americafirstpatriots.com

DNC banned flags, then caught covering it up! SHAMEFUL!
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