DNC Chairman Perez: “White People are Not Entitled to the Same Protections as Minorities”

Newly elected DNC Chair Tom Perez is already proving himself a worthy heir to the Democrat throne. He’s repeating all of the party’s previous mistakes — and he has been for a long time.

Back in March, during a segment on NBC’s Meet the Press, Perez blatantly lied about Donald Trump’s proposed travel ban. Not only did he suggest that the order targetted Muslims — which it doesn’t — he also called the policy “racist.”

But this is nothing new for Perez. In 2013, he argued that white voters should be exempt from the kinds of protections offered to voters by the voting rights act.

The Democrat Party has apparently learned nothing from their failed 2016 election. Donald Trump won because, for the first time, there was a clear consensus candidate among white voters. This week, they had a chance to change the direction of their party. Instead, they voted for a man that represents the same anti-white policies that cost them the election.

Democrat Party Chair Tom Perez doesn’t believe that whites should be afforded protections under the Voting Rights Act. This revelation comes via a 2013 investigation conducted by the Office of the Inspector General Oversight and Review Division.

From the Department of Justice:

“CRT AAG Perez stated that interpreting Section 5’s retrogressive-effects standard to not cover White citizens was consistent with the Division’s longstanding practice, as well as case law interpreting the provision and the intent behind its enactment… Perez noted that the Division has always understood the term ‘minority’ to mean not numerical minority but rather ‘an identifiable and specially disadvantaged group.”

Perez justified his views to investigators by telling them that creating equal protections for White citizens “would create ‘dramatic complications.”

“According to Perez, applying Section 5’s retrogressive-effect protections to White citizens would create ‘dramatic complications’ … noting that ‘many voting changes … will almost always have some racial effect in some direction,’ and if the retrogressive-effect standard protects everyone, then virtually no proposed voting changes would ever be approved.”

With this attitude coming from the head of the Democrat party, the left should kiss their future electoral chances goodbye. The country might be getting less white, but whites still hold the majority — and they’re being driven right into the arms of the GOP.

DNC Chairman Perez: “White People are Not Entitled to the Same Protections as Minorities”
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