Is There An End?! Now The White House Claims China Hacked The Election

In a not-too-subtle attempt to de-ligitimize Donald Trump’s presidency, current president Barack Obama worked the liberals into a frenzy with allegations that the Russian government hacked the election, robbing Hillary Clinton of her rightful place. This story is so bullshit that even the White House can’t keep it straight. Today press secretary Josh Earnest actually said it was the Chinese who hacked our election.

On Monday, Earnest was up on his high horse condemning Trump for questioning the Obama-created fiction that Russia stole the election for the Republicans.

While Earnest was so smug presenting his “objective fact” that the Chinese or Russian government hacked the election, he left out several other objective facts:

First, there is absolutely no proof that the Russians had anything to do with the DNC and John Podesta e-mail hacks. The CIA has said they think Russians did it but don’t have any, you know, evidence.

Second, the people who the CIA says did the hack are not Russian government employees or connected in any tangible way. It may have been Russians, but it wasn’t “the Russians.”

Third, no US intelligence agency can prove that the hack was directed by anyone in the Russian government.

Fourth, in addition to the lack of Russian government direction in the hack, there is also no evidence that the Russian government intended to influence the election.

Fifth, the FBI disagrees with the CIA’s assessment that the Russian government is behind the hack.

Maybe Obama should officially change the story to that of Chinese involvement because there’s probably more proof they did it than the Russians. If one turd won’t stick against the wall, throw another one and see what happens.

It started with an excuse that America was racist and that’s why Trump won the election. That moved to voter fraud in key states that robbed Hillary of the win. From there, fake news was blamed for turning voters away from the democratic candidate. Now we are on an unproven theory that the Russian government put a concerted effort into influencing the election in Trump’s favor.

This whole Russian conspiracy theory started last week when Obama demanded that various US intelligence agencies present him with a report showing that Russia hacked the election. This is an obvious and pathetic attempt by the president to hang a cloud of suspicion over Trump’s presidency.


Is There An End?! Now The White House Claims China Hacked The Election
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