Eric Trump EXPOSES The Dirty Secret About Hillary That The Media is Scrambling To COVER UP!

By now you already know, unless you do not like politics, and even if you don’t you’ve probably heard about it, how corrupt and dishonest Hillary Clinton truly is. If you don’t believe this, you’re either 1) blind or 2) stupid. Those are just facts. You’ll hear the liberals saying ‘Oh yea she’s not perfect, but she’s infinitely better than Trump!’ This, if you ever hear it, is the liberal cop out to a direct debate or argument that you, the conservative who is correct, would undoubtedly win.

The liberal media also makes unending excuses for Hillary Clinton to the tune of not looking at the facts and just generally being as biased as anyone without a brain can be. Hillary’s record speaks for itself and Trump is, by a wide margin, a better option for this country. Donald’s son Eric knows all too well what’s going on. In the most recent Wikileaks email dump, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, was exposed for calling Christians and Evangelicals, and I’m paraphrasing, morons. Now it seems as though he’s calling Latinos ‘needy.’ I don’t know about you, but I’m fairly certain that the liberals are the ones who are racist here.

Eric Trump had enough. He spoke with Sean Hannity on his show to say, once and for all, liberals are the problem with this country and the liberal media is exactly what’s ruining it all.

He even tweeted about it with a cold hard fact that ever American should know.

Sad that the press refuses to cover Hillary’s #WikiLeakscorruption – Probably why only 6% of Americans trust the media!#RIPJournalism

– Eric Trump (@EricTrump) October 14, 2016

That’s 100% truth, by the way taken from polling data across the nation. Now if only 6% of the country trusts the media, and barely anyone trusts Hillary, I think there’s a clear choice here that will make this country great again. I dunno, maybe it’s Donald Trump? By nah, can’t be, not according to the biased liberal media BS machine.

Do yourselves a favor liberals, give it up. No one wants you in power, no one wants you running this country, and no one needs your slimy, underhanded, racist garbage anymore. You’re done.



Eric Trump EXPOSES The Dirty Secret About Hillary That The Media is Scrambling To COVER UP!