EXCLUSIVE : DNC Kicks Off With Hillary Losing 200,000 Votes in …

The Supreme Court of Virginia stuck it to Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton on Friday by stripping voting rights from 200,000 ex-felons who had previously regained the franchise via three executives order announced earlier in the year by Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

“We respectfully disagree,” four of the court’s seven justices ruled about McAuliffe’s orders to issue a blanket clemency to all of his state’s ex-cons, according to The New York Times. “The clemency power may be broad, but it is not absolute.”

“To be sure, no governor of this commonwealth, until now, has even suggested that such a power exists,” they continued. “And the only governors who have seriously considered the question concluded that no such power exists.”

Moreover, the judges decreed that the registration of all felons who signed up after the governor issued his executive orders must be rescinded by no later than Aug. 25, which is a bit over two months before the November election.

This means that Clinton’s plan to try and steal the election by relying on the votes of criminals just like herself just went down in a burning ring of fire. Nice try, though.

However, there is some bad news to report. Gov. McAuliffe reportedly plans to try and bypass the Supreme Court of Virginia by signing 200,000 individual clemency grants. This means Clinton could conceivably reacquire these 200,000 votes, assuming the governor possesses enough stamina to literally sign 200,000 clemency papers.

Why though would he put so much effort into aiding these former felons?

“The singular purpose of Terry McAuliffe’s governorship is to elect HIllary Clinton president of the United States,” William Howell, speaker of the Virginia House, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “This office has always been a stepping stone to a job in Hillary Clinton’s Cabinet.”

Criminals doing favors for criminals to help elect a criminal into office … how democratic (sarcasm alert).

H/T  conservativetribune.com

EXCLUSIVE : DNC Kicks Off With Hillary Losing 200,000 Votes in …