EXCLUSIVE: Three Videos Of Keith Lamont Scott Shooting Synced With Audio – GUILTY! – WATCH

Charlotte Police have just released body and dash cam footage of the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

We had our video editor sync the two police videos, and the video from Scott’s wife together for a fuller picture of what transpired. The audio from all 3 videos is synced also which gives us an even clearer picture of what happened.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officers were at an apartment complex searching for a suspect who had an outstanding warrant when they encountered Scott. Scott was sitting in his car, and when officers were near, he exited the vehicle with a firearm in his hand. Officers involved saw Scott then get back into his car. That’s when the officers approached Scott.

According to Charlotte Police, Scott got back out of his car again, with the gun in his hand. Officers shouted for him to drop the gun about 10 times. Scott did not comply and it was at that point he was shot.

Members of Scott’s family told media that he did not have a gun, but was holding a book. A cell phone video posted by Scott’s wife of the incident does not show her saying anything about a book, however. She can be heard in the video yelling at her husband “don’t you do it” as police yell loudly for Scott to drop his weapon.

In the video compilation you can hear officers yell at Scott to “drop the gun” at least 8 times. A few officers voices overlap each other so it was probably more like 10 to 12 times he was ordered to disarm.

At the same time, right before officers opened fire as Scott was backing away from his vehicle, hands at his waist, you can hear his wife shouting, “Keith, don’t you do it! Don’t you do it!”

Don’t “do” what is what we have to ask. Don’t shoot at the officers? Don’t rush them? Don’t resist? What didn’t his wife want him to do? Did she see his gun, also? For some reason I don’t think she’ll be forthcoming with that information.

Here are the videos of the moment Scott was shot, synced together with audio.

Clearly Scott is guilty… of not obeying an officer’s orders (multiple officers in this case) to drop his weapon. Police are trained on what can happen if they hesitate when dealing with a non-compliant, armed suspect. They can end up dead. We posted another video of a Georgia deputy being shot to death on camera, his screams of terror as 10 bullets tore into his body almost too difficult to listen to. The deputy had hesitated, and unfortunately it cost him his life. Police nationwide use the video to train recruits, and officers who have been on the force for years.

The Keith Lamont Scott incident was a good shoot. The officers made the right decision. They followed protocol. In a split second Scott could have opened fire, killing one of them. If Scott had only obeyed the officers commands he would be alive today.

Source: freedomdaly.com

EXCLUSIVE: Three Videos Of Keith Lamont Scott Shooting Synced With Audio – GUILTY! – WATCH