Former Muslim Tells Liberals: “Tolerance Will Get You All KILLED!”

It’s no secret that the liberal believe themselves to be champions of peace, love, tolerance and equal rights for minorities and women. In reality, they are the exact opposite of those things.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali criticized what she considered the “apologetic attitude” some liberals around the world have toward identifying the religious component to Islamic terrorism.

 Ali, a women rights activist who was raised Muslim in Somalia but later became an apostate, called such a mindset “masochistic and stupid.”

She said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that radical Islamic terrorists “don’t go to liberals and say thank you so much, we’ll stop terrorizing you” because of some on the left refuse to identify terrorism’s religious component.

Islamists only seek a Sharia-compliant world, Ali said, in the wake of Wednesday’s attack in London, a city with progressive leadership, “and whoever is in their way is their enemy.”

She said anyone who does not understand that should not be legislating policy.

I guess Obama and Hillary just don’t get it!

Former Muslim Tells Liberals: “Tolerance Will Get You All KILLED!”
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