‘Frankly, It Was Dishonest’: Wallace Grills Clinton Campaign Manager Over Response to FBI

Chris Wallace put Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook on the hot seat today over how their campaign has responded to the FBI letter on potentially relevant new emails they found.

Mook again emphasized that Team Clinton wants FBI Director James Comey to release all relevant information, but Wallace pointed out that the Clinton campaign could very well find out quite a bit of information by simply asking Huma Abedin.

Wallace proceeded to repeatedly grill Mook on whether Clinton has directly asked Abedin what’s in the emails. Mook objected that he’s basing this question on a hypothetical, but Wallace repeatedly pointed out that Abedin’s involvement in this revelation (thanks to her ex-husband) has been widely reported and confirmed.

Wallace asked, “Why wouldn’t Clinton ask her?” Mook exclaimed, “They could be emails from anybody in the world!”

Wallace went on to grill him on why both John Podesta and Clinton would throw out the “flatly untrue” claim that the FBI only sent the letter to Republicans.

As Wallace pointed out, there were Democrats cc’ed on the email. He told Mook, “Frankly, it was a dishonest talking point.”

Watch how Mook answered in the full interview above, via Fox.

Source: mediaite.com