Georgia Officer AMBUSHED And EXECUTED Last Night By Thugs

Police Officers are there to protect you. Especially when something goes bump in the night and you’re too afraid to investigate but know someone should check it out. Saturday night, such a call was made to the Eastman Police Department in Georgia in a residential area.

The Officer responding to that call was Eastman Officer Tim Smith who was on patrol that night. He responded to a suspicious person call around 9:30 p.m. Encountering someone on Main, he decided to exit the vehicle and talk to the suspect. Officer Smith was ambushed and shot and killed as soon as he exited his vehicle.


Unfortunately, Officer Smith didn’t have a body cam according to Special Agent Scott Whitley. The suspect fled the scene and officials are appealing to the public for information leading to the capture of this cop-killer who’s been identified as Royheen Delshawn Deeds.

Officer Smith is survived by his wife and two children. The U.S. Secret Service offered their condolences, but I am doubtful that President Obama will be offering much because his compassion for someone in blue doesn’t quite feed into the race war he and his crony’s are stirring up.


Georgia Officer AMBUSHED And EXECUTED Last Night By Thugs
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