WATCH – When Geraldo Said ‘Illegals Don’t Commit Crimes!’ Ann Coulter DESTROYED Him

To say the illegal immigration issue is completely botched by the liberal media would be an understatement. Facts and logic are lost on those who use emotion in an argument.

During a heated debate on Hannity, Ann Coulter and Geraldo Rivera perfectly illustrate the difference between a defensive and emotional argument and a logical fact based argument. Ann cuts to the heart of the matter when she says, “These people have no right to be here.” This in reference to comments made by Donald Trump about undocumented people.

Geraldo continues the debate making an attempt to rationalize the number of crimes committed by illegals as being far less than the number of crimes committed by American citizens. What? Geraldo has clearly latched on to the wrong part of the issue.

The point Ann is perfectly articulating is the number of Americans who fall victim to illegal or legal immigrants should be ZERO. Of course, there are more crimes committed by American citizens…there are more of us. The fact both legal and illegal immigrants are coming here and adding to the crime rate is unacceptable.

If Geraldo can look in the eyes of the surviving victims, and the eyes of the families of the victims who lost their lives, and state his argument as made during this debate I would be shocked. To attempt a rationalization of irrational behavior is part of the problem. This problem is evident in every matter of political correctness as well as most left wing arguments on the political stage.

Aside from the fact that Geraldo is making excuses, he seems to be taking Ann’s book title far too seriously. Ann is not saying all immigrants are bad. What she is saying is America would much safer if we simply lose the chip on our shoulder, man up, and enforce the law.


WATCH – When Geraldo Said ‘Illegals Don’t Commit Crimes!’ Ann Coulter DESTROYED Him
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