Germans Had Enough Of Muslim Migrants – 2 Bombs Just Obliterated Mosque

With that being said, the Germans have exploded a Mosque and I’m betting there’s more to come. While this might cause a slight riff in the population with the Liberal idiots who think it’s OK to hoard Muslim migrants like they’re collecting stuffed animals, we should probably remind those libtards that these Muslim migrants will eventually throw a gay liberal in a pool of acid and gang rape a family while raiding the food trucks.

If there’s one thing I have in common with the Muslim migrants who are ruining France and Germany, it’s that I don’t care about a liberal either. If anyone needs to be the victim, let it be those bleeding heart dummies who open the gates to dangerous people.

Opening your border to migrant Muslims is like having a sleepover party with Bill Cosby, Jerry Sandusky, and Brock Turner.

If liberals want them in the country, then liberals have to let them live at their house. And that my friend is when the bleeding heart liberals become the bleeding a** liberals.

If there’s going to be a victim, let it be them.

German residents are sick of the Muslim groups groping people, causing chaos, and the German’s want the Muslims out.

Islam is a barbaric religion that hasn’t evolved into a modern form. They’re still nut-bags running around like the battle with Crusades is still happening.

It’s not 1095 anymore, so stop acting like it.


Germans Had Enough Of Muslim Migrants – 2 Bombs Just Obliterated Mosque