Germany Gives Obama & Islam A Big ‘F YOU!’ – Chancellor Says “Time To Ban The Burka!”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel shocked just about everyone today when she announced that the burka & niqab should be banned in Germany wherever possible.

Merkel was facing a tough re-election for chairwoman of her party, the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU).

Last month she announced she would be running for her 4th term as Germany’s chancellor. At a CDU party conference on Tuesday, Merkel told its’ members, “With us, the rule is: show your face, that’s why the full veil is not appropriate, it should be banned wherever legally possible. It does not belong in our country.” (Video below)

Merkel allowed almost a million Muslim refugees into the country in 2015, many of them from Syria. After a massive increase in crimes committed by the migrants, especially sexual assaults on women, Merkel’s party took a heavy toll in the elections. That’s when she began changing her tune, saying that it was a mistake to have allowed all of the Muslim refugees in.

Bowing to populist pressure sweeping Europe regarding Muslim migrants, Merkel’s announcement comes one day after officials revealed the 19-year-old daughter of a high ranking EU official was raped & murdered while on a cycle path in Freiburg, Germany in October.

After being raped, Maria Ladenburger was drowned in the Dreisam river by an Afghan migrant who admitted to the crime.

Merkel’s announcement also comes on the heels of Dutch MPs banning the burka in various public places.

Watch Merkel’s statement.

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Germany Gives Obama & Islam A Big ‘F YOU!’ – Chancellor Says “Time To Ban The Burka!”