Group Of American Patriots Hold The Best Anti-Muslim Protest In Font Of A Mosque – MUST WATCH

A group from Arizona spoke with reporters from the BBC and he did not hold back their opinions about a Muslims and Islam. One of them was the founder of who outspokenly talks about the danger of Islam in an uncensored way. He goes by the name Robert and he spends his Fridays taking videos of himself confronting Muslims in Phoenix.

Robert regularly updates his websites and goes on rants against the religion of Islam. Some are even video rants. While everyone certainly is on edge with the growing levels of Islamic radical terrorism his videos seem very far to the right. Labeling his videos as hate group propaganda isn’t necessarily an incorrect statement.

“Nobody stands outside of churches or synagogues berating people about their Christian or Jewish faith with a bible in hand to degrade and defile their faith. That is just over the top.” – He said

Watch bellow part of the protest in the video excerpt from BBC which clearly doesn’t like some of the answers provided by these patriots: