Harry Reid: “Trump Is A Proven Racist Because He Only Recruits Republicans For Government, And We All Know All Republicans Are Racists”

Outgoing U.S. senator Harry Reid called for president-elect Donald Trump to rescind his appointment of Steve Bannon as White House Chief Strategist on the Senate floor Tuesday afternoon. Sen. John Cornyn spoke on the Senate floor after Reid and accused the Democrat of being a sore loser. “We used to call people like that ‘sore losers,’” he said. “But frankly, what he does is also contribute to the coarsening of our discourse and debate here in the United States Senate.”

Asked to comment on Cornyn’s callouts afterwards, Reid told reporters that “I’m too old and too tired to be hurt by something someone thinks of me. I just don’t have the energy to bicker with pitiful politicians whose only chance of getting under the spotlight is to start a fight with someone they consider easy prey. But that’s perfectly fine, I’m used to being underestimated all the time. I revel in it.”

Reid also added that Donald Trump “has finally proven he’s a racist,” because he “keeps picking Republicans for government positions, and we all know they’re as racist as they come.” Asked to elaborate on his opinion, Reid said that the thing about Donald Trump is, “he’s not your average politician, that’s not how his mind works. He’s used to the dog-eat-dog mentality thanks to his background, which is why most politicians couldn’t handle him.”

“That’s exactly what ultimately landed him the presidency,” Reid added. “By my tone, one would say I admire the man. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, yet I can’t help but recognize the fact that he stormed his way into the presidential race and overtook people, many of whom were experienced politicians, I might add, and who have aspired for the presidency for the better part of their adult lives. Everything else aside, you have to give him credit for that, regardless of how much you might dislike him and his methods.”

“But, now the race is over, he got what he wanted and this is where the going gets tough for him,” Reid continued. “He’s used to being in the front lines, he’s used to being in the toughest battlefields and feels right at home there. But now the fight is over and it’s time to be constructive and put your money where your mouth is. Now, he has money, tons of it, but he doesn’t have a plan or the wits of a seasoned politician. He just doesn’t know what to do with the presidency now that he’s got it. And he knows that as well as we all do and he can’t hide it no matter how hard he tries.”

“So what does he do? The first thing any ignorant brawler does – he seeks other opinions from the people he trusts the most, who, by the way, are as ignorant as him. Bottom line, he asks them, they ask someone else, and nobody knows what needs to be done; the only thing all of them are sure of, both individually and collectively is  – whatever their next move, it’s going to be a white Republican one. They don’t know much, but they do know they don’t want any non-white, non-Christian hands in it besides their own. And that right there, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of racism in action.”

“Our entire government is going to be Trump-appointed and it’s going to consist of racists who are going to wreak havoc among Americans soon enough. It’s already starting, but this is child’s play compared to what awaits us. And such a move is a confession of racism, signed, sealed and delivered by our new President, Donald Trump himself. All that’s left is for us to see who’ll be left alive after all of this,” Reid concluded.

Harry Reid: “Trump Is A Proven Racist Because He Only Recruits Republicans For Government, And We All Know All Republicans Are Racists”
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