Here’s The Truth Behind The Naked Picture Of Bill Clinton

When that picture of a naked Bill Clinton broke, having his back massaged by an ominous ‘busty blonde’, I think I speak for everyone when I say jaws hit the floor.

The guy is the spitting image of the former President, who has previously gotten himself in a bit-of-hot-and-bother with the ladies.

What I can now tell you though, is that the picture is categorically not real, which will be great news for Hilary and maybe Bill (although he knew for the whole time he did’t score this hot lady), but not so much for those out there who will be a gutted by this disappointing revelation.

Sorry guys, it’s for the best. Really.

How can it be though?! It looks exactly like him.

It’s clever, very clever, but let me introduce you to artist, Alison Jackson, who is the mastermind behind these eerily realistic shots. Her photographs portray celebrity-lookalikes, ‘doing things in private,’ which sometimes aren’t too far away from being plausible.


“A lot of people think my work is real,” said Alison and she has no plans to correct them either, saying that she likes to “leave everyone to guess, as in my view it doesn’t matter – it’s impossible to tell what’s real anymore.

“It doesn’t matter if it isn’t the ‘real’ icon – as long as it looks like him or her – it creates a temporary confusion. I search for this confusion and to create and to create it within my work.

“My work is about simulation. Creating a clone or a copy of the ‘real’ on paper. It is not a fake, it takes the place of the ‘real’ for a moment.”

The creative has a new book out, Private 2016, showing her latest series including lots of fake, but disturbingly real looking photo portrayals of the likes of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.



Here’s The Truth Behind The Naked Picture Of Bill Clinton
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