Hillary Clinton Has A Dark Secret That MUST Keep Her Out Of The White House

Fox News analyst Tucker Carlson, provided the most succinct breakdown of Hillary Clinton’s dark secret… and it’s how she feels about America and Americans.

“She’s corrupt,” he explained. “Everyone knows that. It’s a given. It’s baked in the cake.”

That isn’t the best case for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to make to the American people, however.

“Here’s the real argument against Hillary,” Carlson explained. “She has contempt for you. If you vote in a way she doesn’t like she’s happy to see some judge overturn it. She wants to completely change the composition of the country and she wants you to change your behavior. That means she doesn’t like you, America, and it’s true.”

She doesn’t like you, America.

Carlson used a marriage analogy, something the Clintons would probably have difficulty understanding.

If we’re married and I say I love you so much and I want you to change your appearance entirely through plastic surgery and get a new personality while you’re at it. What am I saying to you? I’m saying actually I don’t like you…

No, if you are committed to mass immigration that changes the composition of the country completely and you’re committed to lecturing the middle class about habits and customs they’re invested in for generations, what you’re saying is, “I hate you.” And that’s true and he should say that.

Listen to Carlson’s brutal takedown below …




Source: thepoliticalinsider.com

Hillary Clinton Has A Dark Secret That MUST Keep Her Out Of The White House
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