HOAX! Black Man Arrested For ‘Racist’ And ‘Nazi’ Trump Graffiti, Here’s What Media Won’t Report:

One day after Donald Trump’s stunning victory, a Black man was arrested for spray-painting such messages as “Trump rules.” He also paired Trump’s name with a Nazi Swastika all over another Black individual’s car. While it is bad enough that 58-year-0ld William Tucker of Southern New Jersey was running rampant in Philadelphia with his outburst, there is more to the story.

But, there is one problem, many of these stories are turning out to actually be hoaxes, via Breitbart. The alleged hate crimes started right after Trump’s election, and many of the Chicken Littles in the liberal media claimed this was evidence of “Trump’s America.”

They immediately got to work discussing how the worst possible decision could have been reached by the American people and they posted a host of doomsday scenarios.

However, they forgot to do the work of a journalist and actually dig deeper into a story. In a nutshell, their bias was on parade yet again.

In this just this lone example, there were at least two different sources that blamed the alleged “rise of Neo-Nazism” in this country on the attacks. The New York Daily News posted a story that stated the attacks coincided with the anniversary of the Kristallnacht, which was a horrible evening in 1938 in Nazi Germany were 30,000 Jews were arrested and incarcerated and a multitude of Jewish-owned businesses were ransacked and destroyed.

This characterization wasn’t just limited to New York liberals either. The Daily Beast and the Philadelphia Inquirer were, in fact, some of the first publications to mention that Trump’s election coincided with this horrifying moment in Germany’s history.

How hateful do you have to be to create a hate crime hoax? Apparently, as hateful as an anti-Trump protester.

Of course, if this incident was just limited to Mr. Tucker, it would be bad enough. But there is a whole entire website (fakehatecrimes.org) that has been devoted to these incidents. There was even an example where a woman lit herself on fire and claimed Trump supporters did it.

Gone are the days of JFK, LBJ and even Jimmy Carter in the Democrat party. Guess what kind of people have replaced them?

Democrats have been replaced with violent Marxists who throw a hissy fit when an election doesn’t go their way. But love or hate the GOP, they are the ones who have truly mastered the art of protest. Instead of violent demonstrations, Republicans protest in the voting booth.

Republicans and conservatives, by and large, are mature enough to realize that they have jobs and families to take care of. In their quest to be productive citizens, they will never resort to hoaxes, pure and simple.


HOAX! Black Man Arrested For ‘Racist’ And ‘Nazi’ Trump Graffiti, Here’s What Media Won’t Report: