Hypocrite John Kasich Now Says Nation Should Support Trump, ‘Give Him A Chance’

Wow, of all the anti-Trump GOPers, Ohio Governor John Kasich just happen to be the biggest HYPOCRITE and BIGOT. Not only he was against him throughout all campaign, he did everything that was in his power to undermine and lower Trump’s chances.

Hell he even fell into Hillary’s lap.

Well apparently he has a short memory because now he is jumping on the wining train. Yes you heard right.

From abcnews.go.com:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich called protests against President-elect Donald Trump “unfortunate” and said that the country should respect the will of voters.

“I would never try and tell them get off the streets or anything like that, but we need to be together,” Kasich told ABC News’ chief White House correspondent Jon Karl in an interview. “The people of this country have spoken.”

“There was concern about what would happen if the race was close and would people say it wasn’t fair,” he continued. “Look it was fair. There’s nobody saying it wasn’t fair. So now all of us take a deep breath. Now, all Americans take a deep breath.”

Kasich made waves following the GOP presidential primary for breaking the Republican National Committee pledge by not supporting Trump. But now that the billionaire businessman is president-elect, Kasich says Americans of all political stripes should “give him a chance.”

“Give him a chance and there’ll be places where I agree with him and where I disagree with him, but that doesn’t lead to any disrespect,” Kasich said. “That’s one of the things that’s really important.”

Should be given a second chance? Comment bellow and tell us what you think.


Hypocrite John Kasich Now Says Nation Should Support Trump, ‘Give Him A Chance’
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