Inconvenient Questions About Hillary the Media Won’t Ask

Obsessive focus on Melania Trump’s lines reveals the true pro-Hillary agenda of the scribblers and yappers
 CLEVELAND — Here’s a question for the Democrats who are spending so much time trying to figure out how Melania Trump’s speech was put together: Why does Hillary Clinton have $110 million? Who paid her that money? What did they get in exchange?
Here’s another question: Her husband promised that letting China into the World Trade Organization would be good for American workers. Was he just stupid? Or does that have something to do with the $110 million figure above?
Here’s another question: She was supposed to reset our relations with Russia. Why didn’t that happen?

Here’s another question: Don’t you care that she repeatedly lied about her treatment of confidential information?

We saw Monday night compelling testimony from average Americans whose lives are being ruined by the disastrous policies that Hillary Clinton and her donors imposed on this country. And their response is to worry about Melania Trump’s speech? Why don’t they worry about the people who are out of work? Why don’t they worry about the lives being destroyed by crime and meth? Why don’t they worry about the people overseas who have to live in a more dangerous world now that this country is going down the drain? Do they not care? Have they really reached the point of utter cynicism, where it’s more important to snark about a potential first lady than it is to take seriously the problems that are destroying this country?

No wonder people hate Washington. No wonder the pundits have been wrong all year. No wonder Trump crushed everyone in the GOP.


Inconvenient Questions About Hillary the Media Won’t Ask
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