Indiana Town Bans Good Friday… Must Be Called ‘Spring Holiday’ Because It Would Better Reflect “Cultural Sensitivity”

As Christians around the world begin to get ready for Christmas season to begin, Bloomington, Indiana, declared that it will no longer celebrate Good Friday because it is insensitive to non-Christians.

During the Republican primary, President-elect Donald Trump has voiced his distress that Christians and Christianity was being pushed out of American society. He pointed out how it has even become politically incorrect to wish people, “Merry Christmas,” and expressed his ambition to see this trend reversed.

Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton told Fox 59 that the paid holiday of Good Friday will be renamed “Spring Holiday,” because it would “better reflect cultural sensitivity in the workplace.”

Bloomington, home of Indiana University, has long been at odds with the rest of the generally conservative state. The conservative Vice President-elect Mike Pence, is also the governor of Indiana, where residents can order license plates with the National Motto, “In God We Trust.”

The town has also renamed Columbus Day “Fall Holiday,” claiming it is wrong to celebrate Columbus’s journey to the New World, because it was all about European imperialism, materialism and white supremacy.