Insecure Kim Jong-un bans sarcasm in North Korea, tests nuclear bomb

It’s bad enough most North Koreans do not have access to electricity and other basic modern conveniences — now they’ll have to live without humor, too. The chubby-cheeked dictator with a bad hipster haircut is at it, again.

North Korea has banned any sarcastic comments about Kim Jong-un or his regime, even in personal conversations. “The main point of the lecture (about the new rule) was ‘Keep your mouths shut,’” a source told Radio Free Asia’s Korean Service. Apparently, they aren’t even aloud to blame America anymore, banning the phrase, “it’s all America’s fault,” because the North Korean people were saying it “ironically” to mock the North Korean government.

Another banned phrase? “A fool who cannot see the outside world,” referring to Kim Jong-un.
Is it just a coincidence that the regime reportedly tested a nuclear weapon around the same time?
One has to wonder: Are these tests aimed at world leaders or at controlling the perceptions of Kim Jong-un’s own population?
Both the crackdown on free speech and the nuclear test show Kim Jong-un may be getting even weaker and more desperate — and the North Korean people are growing tired of living in a communist dictatorship. One has to hope that the sarcasm continues and that North Koreans find a way to control their own destiny. The regime’s instability may be a sign of hope.
The living conditions and human rights violations in North Korea are far from humorous, and America and its allies need a renewed focus on aiding North Koreans who wish to become refugees.