Insider: Hillary Clinton Joined Bill On Multiple Trips To Pedophile Island

Steve Pieczenik came out with a second big statement on Tuesday, following up his somewhat cryptic messaging of an effort on the part of the intelligence and law enforcement communities to derail the plot against the US by Hillary Clinton with comments about their alleged pedophilia.

Pieczenik says it all goes back to the Weiner computer and the information contained on it, copies of which are now in the custody of the NYPD. He says it’s important to remember that “not all of the information has come out with regards to Weiner and his sexting to a 15-year-old North Carolina teenager.”

He continues, “The real issue underlying a lot of Bill Clinton’s nefarious activities as well as Hillary Clinton’s sexual activities is the fact that we know that both of them have been a major part and participant in what’s called the “Lolita Express, which is a plane owned by Mr. Jeff Epstein, a wealthy multi-millionaire, who flies down to the Bahamas and allows Bill Clinton and Hillary to engage in sex with minors. That is called pedophilia.”

“And as a result of the excellent work that the New York Police Department does,” says Pieczenik, “in tracking pedophiliacs, they also have a record of both Hillary, Bill and other people associated with the Clintons with regard to pedophilia.”

“So not only will she be charged with obstruction of justice,” says Pieczenik, “with lying to a prosecutor and the FBI, she will also be charged with pedophilia, sex with minors and other issues. Bill might be brought up again on certain charges because those charges still relate to American crime and prosecutorial issues.”

He says, “But I do want to inform you that we are well aware in the intelligence community of their activities that haven’t stopped. And we’re not talking about one trip to the Bahamas, we’re talking about a multiple of twenty or thirty trips that Bill and Hillary did take, separately, together, on the Lolita Express to engage in sexual activities with minors.

He adopts the language in his closing of the earlier video, a statement that we are in a second American revolution, something many patriots have known and been a part of for a long time. It’s nice to know, if his words are true, that those in an optimum position to be fighting on the front lines are similarly engaged.


Insider: Hillary Clinton Joined Bill On Multiple Trips To Pedophile Island
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