Ivanka Crushes Megyn Kelly When Asked About Trump’s “S3xism” [VIDEO]

Megyn Kelly tried to stump Ivanka Trump by asking about her father’s sexism. But Ivanka blew Megyn away and proved that her father is actually not sexist at all. Even Megyn was impressed with her answer and went onto compliment her for being such a hard worker afterwards.
“Obviously, your dad has had some trouble with them. He’s 15 points behind Hillary in most of the polls with women. Clearly, he’s made some comments about women that have led to that… I’ve always wondered how you reacted to that.” asked Megyn.

Ivanka responded perfectly. “Well, my father can be an equal opportunity offender. If somebody says something against him he will speak his mind. And he treats women equal to how he treats men. He’s said plenty of rough things about men over the years,” started Ivanka.

“I think the fact that he doesn’t treat us differently or with kid gloves shows the fact that he recognizes we’re equipped to handle it and are able to do so. There’s no bias in his viewpoint. He views all people equally, men or women. It doesn’t matter, and he treats them accordingly,” said Ivanka.

Check out the whole interview below. The good stuff starts at 5:30.


Source: conservative101.com

Ivanka Crushes Megyn Kelly When Asked About Trump’s “S3xism” [VIDEO]