James Comey Just Got The BOOT After Sabotaging Trump!

FBI director Commy has some explaining to do after a secret deal has come to light. The FBI made a secret agreement with alleged MI6 agent Christopher Steele to continue his attempts to “prove” Trump’s relations with the Russians.

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The former British spy who authored the now-infamous dossier on Donald Trump, alleging ties between Trump and Russia, reportedly reached an agreement with the FBI a few weeks before the election for the bureau to pay him to continue his work. The agreement to compensate M16 agent Christopher Steele for his findings came as intelligence agencies reached a controversial consensus that Russians had interfered in the election by hacking liberals’ email accounts.

Trump has denied the claims that he was working with the Russians, and to this date, there has been zero conclusive evidence to prove otherwise.

Trump was quick to assure the public that the dossier was simply “fake news.” After the dossier went public, communications between the FBI and the former spy were ceased—and he was never paid according to plan.

Think about this, not only did the FBI make a secret deal with a former foreign agent to try to interfere with the US Presidential election, (which is the very thing they are accusing Russia of doing) but then the FBI could not even be bothered to honor the agreement with Mr. Steele and failed to pay him for his “work.”

If the FBI is willing to make deals with foreign agents to interfere in our elections why should the American people trust them? When the Hillary emails were being investigated (which was a legitimate use of the agency as it was investigating a crime with actual evidence) the liberals were furious. However, when the FBI commits borderline treason somehow it’s ok so long as it was in favor of Hillary.

Is an agency that makes secret deals with foreign spies to interfere in the elections of its own country trustworthy? What about an agency that makes these secret deals and then can’t even be bothered to honor their agreement with said spies to pay them?

Furthermore, Mr. Steele also seems to have had an agenda of his own.

Steele was reportedly frustrated when FBI Director James Comey made a public announcement that they were investing a new batch of Clinton emails just 11 days before the election.

If this MI6 agent was simply looking for the “truth” then why would he care about the FBI investigating Mrs. Clintion? It’s almost as if the entire goal was to help Hillary get elected.

In January, Trump was provided a summary of the core allegations of Steele’s dossier—and news of that briefing was soon public knowledge. BuzzFeed became the source of controversy when they posted a copy of Steele’s dossier online—without any evidence of its truth.

It is clear that neither the FBI, nor “Agent” Steele, nor even the media care about the truth or their own honor. All they seem to care about is their liberal agenda.

If the FBI is willing to entrust our nation’s future to biased foreign agents and then won’t even pay those agents like they agreed to, do you think they are worth trusting?

James Comey Just Got The BOOT After Sabotaging Trump!
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