Jimmy Arno: If Clinton Wins ‘Patriots Are Going To Overthrow The Government’

Meet Jimmy and Dami Arno, two Trump supporters who blame racism on Barack Obama and seriously believe a Clinton victory could lead to civil war.

An NPR reporter visited the Arnos at their home in Lawrenceville, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, to get some insights about the people who are voting for Donald Trump. There, they had a nice chat in their living room as pictures of their children and Robert E. Lee gazed down on them from the wall. When their interview started, you’d never peg either Jimmy or Dami as the kind of person who’d be a Donald Trump supporter. Other than the framed portrait of the Confederate leader, they seemed perfectly normal and nice.

For Jimmy, a victory for Hillary Clinton is unthinkable.

‘Should martial law, civil war — whatever — break out in this country, they will uphold the Constitution and rebuild our loss. The war that’s going to break out if Hillary Clinton’s elected, if that happens. Your patriots are going to overthrow the government.’

NPR also points out that Georgia’s becoming more diverse, which many white people like the Arnos find highly threatening. Even the county fair they love so much has a booth to educate people about Islam. It doesn’t help that in June, a Muslim woman wearing a burka came out of the woods, came onto the Arnos’ porch, ripped a flag from their mailbox, and attacked Dami with it.

This sounds crazy, but it actually happened and made the news. The Arnos’ grown son wound up pulling a gun on the burka-wearing assailant. Luckily, police came and arrested her before anything worse happened. 30-year-old Amina Ahra was charged with two counts of simple battery.

via: bipartisanreport.com

Jimmy Arno: If Clinton Wins ‘Patriots Are Going To Overthrow The Government’
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